Behind The Scenes At Serenity: Our Investment Committee

Getting the right outcomes for our clients is vitally important to us and one area we don’t leave to chance is investing.   It’s a subject many people find complex and difficult to understand. Add in a healthy dose of jargon and some alarming media headlines and it’s no surprise we leave the decision making … Continued


What is a bargain?

Here are 5 key rules to have in your mind before you buy anything in a sale… Rule 1: Would you have paid the original price? An often repeated rule, but a golden one is that something is not a bargain if you wouldn’t have paid the original price. Many shops artificially boost the ‘pre’ … Continued

Excited woman shopping online for Christmas bargains pursing her lips in astonishment as she spots something she desires.

How to avoid family conflicts over money

  Christmas is the time of year when there are more family arguments than any other time, because we spend more time together – and money is in the top three subjects to cause the argument. Here are a few simple guidelines to avoid money causing a major rift with people you care about.   … Continued

large family clinking glasses on christmas dinner

The art of celebration

  If you’re looking at your diary and wondering how you will survive the party fatigue (not to mention the cost)  of the run-up to Christmas, you’re not alone. A survey of 700 people revealed that  four out of 10 of us are ambivalent towards Christmas parties with a fifth of people actively disliking them. What … Continued

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What hibernation can teach us about our finances

It’s the time of year when many animals are preparing their winter quarters, topping up stores of food and getting ready for a long winter’s nap, also known as hibernation.   What’s this got to do with finance? A lot actually, because this is nature’s way of helping creatures to survive periods when the resources … Continued

Ginger squirrel sits on a tree in the winter forest. Rodent eating a nut.

Can SAD affect your spending habits?

  As the nights draw in, it is estimated that around one in 15 of us in the UK will suffer from  Seasonal Affective Disorder, but what few of us realise is that the winter blues – as it is known – can also cost us money!   Also known as SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder … Continued

Seasonal Affective Disorder

How to handle a financial scare

  It’s the witching month, when Hallowe’en will soon be upon us and many of us will enjoy the low level ‘scares’ of spooky costumes and the occasional horror movie.   What many of us can probably also agree on is that there is nothing light-hearted or thrilling when it comes to financial scares. Whether … Continued

Financial scare

Discover Your Own Myths About Money

The children may be bemoaning the start of another school year but there is a lot to be gained from learning new things, whatever your age – no more so than when it comes to managing our personal finances.   At Serenity Financial Planning we open up clients to new ways of thinking about – … Continued

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Why You Shouldn’t Book Now For Summer 2018

If you have returned from your summer holiday to numerous emails encouraging you to ‘book now for summer 2018’ coupled with generous discounts from the same holiday company you used if you book through them again, hold fire! Here’s why you shouldn’t book now…   Instead of being persuaded to part with any hard earned … Continued

Businessman standing in his office in front of the window with pyramids and sands behind it. Dreaming of vacation. Leave of absence, holiday.

5 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money This Summer

  Imagine a future where you are able to hand your child a sum of money to help them through any given situation that will help them live a financially comfortable, worry free life. Sounds like a fantasy version of every parent’s desire to provide for their children, doesn’t it?   Yet while there’s no … Continued

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