Help To Buy vs Lifetime: Which ISA is best?

Set to be introduced in April 2017, the Lifetime ISA essentially offers an alternative to the Help To Buy ISA. With two competing options on the table, it’s important to know which is best for you and your needs, as whilst they have some similarities, there are also key differences between the two.


The new state pension and how it will affect you

The new single-tier state pension, also referred to as a ‘flat-rate’ pension, came into effect at the start of April this year. Whilst it makes the system simpler, as well as increasing the basic state pension from around £120 per week to a starting figure of £155 per week, the new system is not set to benefit everyone. To find out whether you’re one of the people who will be better off, one of those losing out, or someone who won’t be affected by the changes at all, read on.


2016’s Top Summer Holiday Destinations

As the warm weather keeps threatening to finally arrive for good, it feels like the perfect time to start thinking about where to go to get away in the summer months. Keep reading to discover our top three destinations for your 2016 holiday.


Four Things To Avoid Doing With Your Pension

There’s no doubt that we’re in a time of considerable change when it comes to pensions, with a great many people unsure of whether or not they should take advantage of the new freedoms and how they can best put the new system to work for them. As well as the positive things you can do with your pension, there are a number of things you should probably avoid doing with your retirement funds too.


Four new laws and how they’ll change the way you live

2016 has seen a number of new laws introduced by the government, and whilst some were widely reported, others feel conspicuous by their absence in the media. Here are four which could have a major impact on how both you and the British public in general live day to day:


When was the last time your friends and family reviewed their pension?

A survey carried out by YouGov only a few years ago found that over half the respondents who contributed to either a personal or workplace pension scheme had not reviewed their pension in the preceding three years. More worryingly, many of these people admitted that they had never carried out a pension review.


What is an offshore fund?

The Panama Papers leak from offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca has thrust offshore funds back into the public spotlight. But whilst the media rails against those revealed to be profiting from such funds, there’s been little discussion of what an offshore fund actually is.


Pension Freedoms: the first twelve months in numbers

It was a year ago that the biggest pension shake-up seen this generation came into force. Whilst there hasn’t been quite the stampede of people determined to withdraw every penny from their pension early, to splash out on a hot tub or luxury cruise, the statistics from the last twelve months suggest that those who have taken advantage of the changes could have been a little more prudent.