Use It Or Lose It

You’re looking forward to the day when you can finally stop working and do all those things you’ve dreamt about – spending more time with the family, travelling to glorious places you’ve seen in magazines, getting fitter, taking up a new hobby, becoming more active in the community etc. You’ve spent time with your financial … Continued

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How To Get Your Missing Hour Back

We all know when the clocks ‘spring forwards’ we don’t actually lose an hour. But the truth is, until the clocks go back again in October, we sort of do. What is most interesting is how quickly we adjust to the change. In all aspects apart from one key element, saving time is much like … Continued

get missing hour back

5 Chinese Money Beliefs That Can Make Your Life Richer

February 16th, 2018 marks Chinese New Year. While the Chinese have many traditional superstitions involving gifts of money at this time, some of the ancient Chinese wisdom and cultural attitudes to money can help all of us to enjoy more balanced, enriched lives. Here are five Chinese money beliefs to ponder… 1 – Be frugal … Continued

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How Much Does A Healthy Relationship Cost?

Few things in life are as important to us as a loving, healthy relationship with a romantic partner. At this time of year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us are reminded that maintaining this can take a little bit of investment, both in terms of our time as well as our finances. Often this … Continued

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Why 2018 Is Time For A New Type of Savings Jar

  New Year is traditionally a time when we look back and reflect on all the things we’ve done and focus on what we can change for the better. And while getting into positive new habits is undoubtedly a wonderful way to transform your life, there is a tendency to focus on what we’ve done … Continued

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What is a bargain?

Here are 5 key rules to have in your mind before you buy anything in a sale… Rule 1: Would you have paid the original price? An often repeated rule, but a golden one is that something is not a bargain if you wouldn’t have paid the original price. Many shops artificially boost the ‘pre’ … Continued

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Can SAD affect your spending habits?

  As the nights draw in, it is estimated that around one in 15 of us in the UK will suffer from  Seasonal Affective Disorder, but what few of us realise is that the winter blues – as it is known – can also cost us money!   Also known as SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder … Continued

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Why You Shouldn’t Book Now For Summer 2018

If you have returned from your summer holiday to numerous emails encouraging you to ‘book now for summer 2018’ coupled with generous discounts from the same holiday company you used if you book through them again, hold fire! Here’s why you shouldn’t book now…   Instead of being persuaded to part with any hard earned … Continued

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How To Always Make Eating Out A Great Experience

When was the last time you had a meal out with the family, only for the food to have been a bit of a disappointment? These days you pay at least a tenner per meal, even in your local pub. Add in drinks and desserts and it is easy for eating out with a family … Continued

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Why It’s Time For An Adventure

  Whether it’s rainy or sunny, whether you’re heading away or staying at home, there is definitely something about summer that brings a little adventurous spirit to us all. The really great news is that we can use this to improve both our finances and our overall happiness.   It’s not simply supposition but fact … Continued

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