Preparing For The Next Financial Crisis

A guest blog for Serenity Financial Planning by investment, retirement and platform research consultant Abraham Okusanya MSc. A crisis is coming! In the coming years, there is going to be a major financial crisis! This crisis will bring capital markets across the world to their knees. There’ll be a lot of panic. Your investments will … Continued


Behind The Scenes At Serenity: Our Investment Committee

Getting the right outcomes for our clients is vitally important to us and one area we don’t leave to chance is investing.   It’s a subject many people find complex and difficult to understand. Add in a healthy dose of jargon and some alarming media headlines and it’s no surprise we leave the decision making … Continued


How to invest for success following the US presidential election

Assuming the US presidential election took place yesterday, this is how to position your portfolio – Andy Hart  You will all now know that yesterday (8 November 2016) was a historic day for our planet. The new leader of the free world was announced. So how should you position your portfolio in the light of … Continued

WASHINGTON DC US - Sep. 29 2016: Presidential elections in the US. Names of Clinton and Trump written in a directional road signs against american flag

Update: the knock on effect of the interest rate cuts

Following the Bank of England’s decision to cut interest rates to a record low of 0.25% at the beginning of August and the initial reaction to that from within the financial sector, the resultant effects continue to be felt over a month later. Cash savings accounts have been hit the hardest, with some banks making … Continued


What now for pensions policy?

Whilst pension freedoms still feel like a recent development for many, they have now been in place for some seventeen months since their introduction in April 2015. That’s beginning to feel like a remarkably long time ago as few further announcements on pension reform have been made for some time. With the arrival of Theresa … Continued


I have money in property, what should I do post-Brexit?

Many predicted before the EU referendum that a vote to leave would have a negative effect on the property market. Now that Brexit is set to become a reality, that has transferred into worry amongst many with a stake in property, which in turn could make the predicted negativity become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But is … Continued


The enigma of Premium Bonds

Earlier this month, the top Premium Bonds prize of £1 million was won for the first time since the investment limit was increased to £50,000 in June 2015. The winner, from West Scotland, only the second ever top prize winner from that region, had invested the maximum amount, whilst a second investor from Surrey was also made a millionaire in the same month after investing £23,950.


A miserable turnaround in the fixed bond savings market

As far as the savings market was concerned, 2015 was the year of the challenger provider. Competition between them ramped up and average rates followed suit, and in turn, positivity started to make a welcome return to the market. However, this improvement was short-lived, as the latest Moneyfacts research, reporting in March 2016, shows a stark reversal of fortune.